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Williams Action Committee Table, 1970, showing elderly visitor reading brochure, student, and black dog.

Now, Then, and Dog. Activism Table, Spring, 1970

"If a man(or woman) does not make new acquaintance as he(she) advances through life, he/she will soon find himself/herself left alone. A man and woman, Sir, should keep his/her friendship in constant repair."

Samuel Johnson, quoted in Boswell, Life of Johnson, 1791.

Welcome, Class of '70, and friends,

Our 2020-2021 Zoom Series is published immediately below.

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Staying Healthy:  Dr. Bill Courter's 12/10/20 Handouts.

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Class of '70 Zoom Meetings, 2020-2021

Purple Cow - Megan Coyle -


Is The Honeymoon Over?, and
The State of the Republic following the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot.

Joe Sensenbrenner, '70:
Mayor, Madison, Wisconsin, 1983-89 3 terms.
Legal Counsel, Chief of Staff, to Governor Patrick Lucey 1973-77

Jim Kirkland, '70:

Elgin City, Il., Councilman 1978-82 and five-term State Representative, Illinois General Assembly 1983-92

Suzanne Reed, Smith '70. Collaboration Connection, CA.
--Commissioner, CA Energy Commission;
Chief of Staff: CA Rep & Sen. Carol Liu;
Formerly on Sen.  Joe Biden's U.S. senate staff. 

Hon. Elected Officials and Pres. Joe Biden's U.S. Senate Staff

Jim Kirkland, Class of 1970

Jim Kirkland, '70

Elected Offices: Elgin City, Il., Councilman, 1978-82;
Five-term State Representative, Illinois General Assembly 1983-92
Joe Sensenbrenner, Class of '1970

Joe Sensenbrenner, '70

Legal Counsel, Chief of Staff, to Governor Patrick Lucey 1973-77
Mayor, Madison Wisconsin 1983-89 (three terms)
Suzanne Reed

Suzanne Reed, Smith '70
Collaboration Connection,  CA.
CA Energy Commissioner;
Chief of Staff, Rep. & Sen. Carol Liu.
Formerly on Sen. Joe Biden's senate staff.

Dangerous Climate Change
Williams Prof. William Moomaw '59
Williams Professor William Moomaw

Purple Cow - Megan Coyle -


Feel Good: Summer Prep?
Lou, Jeff, Ted, Ray


Speaker's Series:

America's Mental Health Pandemic

Purple Cow - Megan Coyle -


Feel Good Meeting
The "Staying Healthy Challenge:"

  • Did we follow Dr. Bill Courter's prescriptions?
  • How much weight did we lose in the last two weeks?
  • Who Among Us Will Extend the "Staying Healthy Challenge" through the Summer, checking back in in September 2021?
Dr. Bill Courter, '70. Lou, Jeff, Ted, Ray

manor woman] does not make new acquaintances, as he/she advances through life, he/she will soon find himself/herself left alone. A man/woman, Sir, should keep his/her friendships in constant

Read President Maud Mandel's March 11, 2020 message on Williams' new Coronavirus web site.

Strike! College Closes May, 1970 - Fifty Years Ago.  Williams Record articles, and Chapin Hall student/faculty rally, May 3, 1970.

Welcome, friends!   President Lou Buck's Welcome Message

Destination Williamstown:  Weekly Listing of Events in the Williamstown area.

50th Reunion Testimonials - First-Time Reunion Attendees from '68, '69 tell us about returning to Williams after 50 years.

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Resources, Articles, History. 

New Directions in Education: Explore and discuss the Class of '70's contributions to Williams' diversity, democracy, coeducation, and social change. 
Protest and Change:
50th Class Gift:  Curricular Excellence and Innovation.


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News:  June, 2020

  • July 9, 2020: Next Zoom Meeting:  July 9, 2020, 5:00 p.m. EST: Williams in Fall, 2020: Decisions, Impact.  Contact Ray Kimball to get on the Zoom Invitation List.
  • Zoom Reunion, June 11-12, 2020: Speakers on Coronavirus, State of Economy Brief Over Ninety (90) Classmates at Zoom Reunion Class Meeting, June 11, 2020 

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BascomFt. DanielsProspect

Stoney Ledge: Jack Murray, Nate Fox, July 2019

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Bobby Jones Movie Poster

Profile: Peter Thorp

Peter Thorp, ’70, founded and leads Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology in Rwanda – a school “that…bring(s) together as broad a socio-economic profile of girls as possible, a vital vision given the ethnic violence of the 1994 genocide.”  The school, located about an hour outside the capital Kilgali...

Preston Washington '70 Honored

July, 2018:  New York City has honored Bishop Preston Washington '70 by renaming West 115th St., NYC, "Bishop Preston R. Washington, Sr Place."  For further details, see Preston Washington Honored by New York City.

Our special thanks to Cliff Robinson, '70, for bringing this to our attention.

About The Class

News!  About 200 of you (83%) contributed to the 2017-18 College Annual Fund.  So you'll all come to Reunion to celebrate and reconnect, yes?  See Alumni Fund Achievements.

1970:  Last all-male class.    Compare Admissions 1970 & 2017.

-- About 30 women entered our class under the 12-college exchange program.
-- Then and Now shows how 1960's admission reforms led to today's "multiverse." 
-- Use Reconnect By... to find  classmates and update your profile and info. 
--In Memorium:  Add your insights and remembrances. 
--Reunion offers time to re-connect with our classmates, including those who we may not have known well before.
For the larger picture, see "Universal Thoughts."

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Bill Coyle's Portraits - New Sept. '18!

Capturing A Rainbow: Renwick Gallery, DC

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Bill Coyle's Washington - Bill Coyle, '70 has "an eye"for humor, detail, color, depth, and the unusual shot. Here's the first of Bill's galleries. We'll be changing them periodically, so check back often.  If  you also would like to be featured, please contact me at raymond.kimball@yahoo.comVisit Bill's extensive Flickr site.


Montage of pictures of Williams 1970 Classmates

Who’s Attending 50th Reunion?

Top Who Are These Classmates? Answers Revealed Who’s Attending the 50th Reunion, June 11-14, 2020? By end of November, approximately 130 have committed for the 50th! And one hundred of you (100) have sent in photos!  See below. Thank you, thank you.  Your WebMaster, Ray Kimball There are three (3) ways to see who’s attending: […]

Joel Hoff, Williams College Class of '70, who died December 30, 2020

Joel Hoff

Joel A. Hoff (December 30, 2020) Joel Hoff, Dec. 30, 2020 Joel Allen Hoff was born in Gardner, MA on August 8, 1948 to parents Elbridge E. Hoff and Janet Duthie Hoff. He began school in Guilford, CT and finished secondary school at Phillips Exeter Academy. After that he was based in Massachusetts, earning his […]

Class Notes September 2020

1970 50th Reunion June 11-14 Rick Foster, 379 Dexter St., Denver, CO 80220;           In April, Bill Wadt wrote, “In the last two weeks I have had fun lunches with Bob Coombe and with Peter Thorp. It’s great that they both retired to Santa Fe, so that I now have some classmates in the neighborhood […]