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25th Reunion Yearbook, 1995

Among other assets and pictures, here is a  PDF copy of our 25th Reunion Yearbook.
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This yearbook contains:

  • A map of “Williams Then, 1968.”  Page 2
  • Table of Contents, p. 5
  • Freshman Facebook pp. 11-19
  • Major Events at the College, 1966-70, pp.20-22
  • Pictures, pp 23-25;
  • Williams “Then and Now,” by Prof. Steve Fix of the English Department (Now being 1995); pp 25-27




  • Articles by classmates:  pp. 27-31
    • Fred Kosnitsky;
    • Don Berens;
    • Neal Soss;
    • Charlie Ebinger;
    • Gates Hawn, (“Bring on the Change Challenge.”  You scared me to death, Gates, but you were right);
    • Rich Wendorf;
    • and Jay Nelson.
  • Autobiographies, pp. 32-82
  • More Autobiographies and some In Memorium articles. 82-88
  • Progeny at Williams 89
  • Faculty Directory pp. 89-90
  • Class Directory pp. 91-97
  • Williams Then and Now (Now being 1995)  A few more pictures.

We thought we were “old,” but little did we know…. We were only 47…