Ft.Hoosac Fire January 1968

Ft. Hoosac Fire January 1968

You say there’s nothing to report?

Please capture those great stories you tell each other but won’t write down.   Who cares anymore? Tell us about the Ft. Hoosac fire; the fridge in Tyler House; the parties; the jukebox in Brooks; sweet smoke wafting under towel-stuffed doors while Marakesh Express plays at full volume..

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Hope you’ll help us highlight life in each of the residential houses, 1967-1970, to the best of your recollection.

For many, residential houses were former fraternity houses – quirky, marvelous old Victorian wood or brick palaces – places for relaxation, dining, formal sherry parties with faculty, weekend parties, sagging parietal rules, community refrigerators, and maybe studying, including group study.

For others, it was a Greylock Quad room with a central dining hall.

We’d like your take on these places. Tell us what it was like – the good, the bad, and hopefully not too ugly….