Dear Classmate,  

Lou Buck

Lou Buck:
Looking into the Future

   As President Mandel has just advised the Williams community, in view of the relentless and unabated spread of Covid-19, there was little alternative but to cancel the June 7th Commencement ceremonies as well as the numerous class reunions scheduled to be held the following weekend.

      In anticipation of this possibility, the Class of ‘70’s leadership has been engaged in discussions with the college concerning the rescheduling of our milestone reunion. In conversations with the 50th Reunion Program’s Mark Robertson and Kate Hyde, very preliminary suggestions have been proffered and the pros and cons of each raised and discussed. As Mark commented, at this stage, nothing is off the table.

      Since the prospect the virus could yet be of a prolonged nature, we will be considering potential dates in the late spring, summer, or perhaps early fall of 2021. In addition to the college’s event calendar, important considerations such as the availability of campus venues, catering, staff, housing, student resources, and area lodging will be taken into account and carefully weighed. Hopefully, several viable options will surface as we go through the process of obtaining more concrete information.

      Assuming we will be able to identify feasible alternatives, we ultimately want to choose a date that ideally will work best for most everyone allowing for a promising attendance. We will continue to work with Mark and Kate, but, unfortunately, this process will take a little time. In the interim, we will follow up next week with another email in which we will share additional updates of importance to the class.

      We hope both a Covid-19 vaccine can be developed in the near future and the virus begins to subside permitting us all to return to a safe, more normal day-to-day existence. Until then, please stay well and keep safe.

Best wishes,