Video Capture - Tim Dorman House after Santa Rosa Fire - Dormans Rising & Rebuilding

Video Capture – Tim Dorman House after Santa Rosa Fire. See
Dormans Rising & Rebuilding-G0FundMe Project

Tim and Lauri Dorman‘s house in Glen Ellen, Sonoma County, California, and all their possessions were burned to ashes in the incredible Santa Rosa wildfires of October 8, 2017.  Luckily, Tim and Lauri escaped the fire only when a neighbor banged on their door in the middle of the night as the fires raced toward their neighborhood – a story repeated over and over again in the most disastrous fires to hit California this year. See Washington Post, A serious, critical, catastrophic event’: At least 21 dead as California wildfires spread.

Tim’s daughter, Rori Dorman Tira, reported on the GoFundMe account she built soon after the fire, Dorman Rising and Rebuilding:

“The Sonoma wildfires erupted on the night of October 8. Our parents Tim and Lauri Dorman woke to a neighbor banging on the door, shaking the walls of the house, yelling of fire. They left immediately with their dog and the clothes on their backs. The fire jumped Highway 12, coming off the mountain and barreled down the street like a freight train — unimaginable heat, force and speed. The neighborhood and their property was leveled within hours. ”

October 10, 2017, Kim Dawson reported to the Class:

“I spoke to Tim this morning and it was a harrowing experience.  A neighbor woke Tim and Laurie banging on the door to warn them of the approaching wildfire. They got away with their dog, Ginger and not much else as fire engulfed their beautiful home. They will be staying with their daughter for a bit and then plan to take up residence at Steve and Lori Taylor’s 2nd home in the nearby Alexander Valley. I’m sure Tim will post something soon, but the good news is they are fine and somehow Tim has maintained his remarkable sense of humor.”

Tim and Lauri Dorman and Family - Glen Ellen, California

Tim and Lauri Dorman and Family – Glen Ellen, CA

We are deeply thankful for Tim and Laurie’s safety.  In just one month after the fire, friends, relatives and many classmates donated close to $60,000 to the “Dormans Rising and Rebuilding GoFundMe Project.”  There you can see the full video of the Dorman’s leveled house on October 12, 2017, four days after the fire swept their neighborhood.

If you would like to contribute to help the Dormans rebuild, it’s as easy as clicking on this link, Dormans Rising and Rebuilding GoFundMe Project.  We invite you to read the full description – how precious minutes saved lives but destroyed a lifetime of investment.  Luckily, this also is a story about keeping your “sense of humor” and moving on with the stunning power of Social Media and classmate friends like Steve Taylor, ’70!

If you can, please contribute.  Tim was our first Class Agent, a continuing contributor to Class leadership, and an honored member of the Class of ’70 network, as are you all, and he deserves your support.  RJ Kimball.