Ray Kimball, Class of 1970, Williams College. Portrait of Ray in Yellowstone National Park

Ray Kimball, ’70, Yellowstone NP, Wyoming, June 2017



I’m going to start this off.  

You should post here, too.  The “Reply” box at the bottom lets you post your list.  We’ll send those folks a follow-up email alert:

You can also contact someone directly.  Go to Reconnect By, and search a classmate’s Profile.  You’ll find their email at the bottom of the data list, if the College has it.  So it will be like an 8th Grade Bromance.  We contact people for you, so you’re not embarrassed….

Here are among the best people I’ve ever met, and would like to see again:

  • Frank Bartolotta
  • Pat Bassett
  • John Beal – always liked your laugh, and always something new!
  • John Black – I’d like to find out more about your IT career, and your great family
  • Chip Bliss – I contracted with you with Williams thesis funds, winter/Spring ’70, to help me monitor TV ad frequency statistics for my senior thesis!
  • Matt Bowman – you were always way smarter than me and fun and interesting to listen to.
  • Peter Buchin – we took “Theory of Harmony” together.  I’d like to hear how you used it.
  • Jerry Christensen – I’d like to hear about your career in education, since I ended up there, too.
  • Doug Cleveland – were you Bob Irwin’s roommate?  I think that’s how we got to know each other.
  • Bill Coyle – well, you’re already working with me on the web site, Bill, thanks!
  • Chuck Curtis – we had a lot of good times together at Brooks House.  Please come back!
  • Rod Dow – roommate sophomore year.  We have stories.
  • Joe Du Vivier – Brooks House.
  • Nat Fox.  We took a lot of Poli Sci classes together – and we need to catch up;
  • John Gillilan – always fun and interesting;
  • Phil Greenland – like to see you again and find out more about your medical career.
  • Larry Hollar – Well.  You should be near the top of this list.  We miss you.
  • Bob Irwin – you got me through Petrology junior year. 
  • Kurlinski – awed by your quiet, successful, leadership career in medicine;
  • Bill Lawson – funnest guy on campus.  Cheerleader!
  • John Marshall – roommate sophomore, maybe junior year?  Junior year’s a blur.
  • Jack McBroom – you always beat me at ping pong at Brooks House. We played for hours. McLeod, too.
  • Bruce McNutt – fun times at Brooks House.  I always learned.
  • Steve Moore – freshman year roommate.  Larry Kono and the sun lamp.
  • Jack Murray
  • Tim Napier
  • Dave Prouty
  • Cliff Robinson
  • Jim Rubenstein
  • Bill Sammons
  • Joe Sensenbrenner
  • Dave Simkin
  • Dick Spiegelman
  • Bob Spurrier – now a Professor, and recently married, from what I see on Facebook!
  • Dave Strathairn – Strap!  Brooks House.
  • Greg Tanaka
  • Steve Taylor
  • Peter Thorp
  • Rod Titcomb
  • GW Turner – you saved me, carrying me to the infirmary in September of freshman year – maybe the first week of October. 
  • Larry Wellington
  • Pavelic – Just Pavelic

OK. Enough for today.  Now it’s your turn.  Who do you want to see at reunion?  We’ll make sure they find out if you post here.