David Lathrop, 1966 Freshman Yearbook

David Lathrop

David Canfield Lathrop (September 9, 1986)

Please note:  Sunday Morning, June 14, 2020, Remembrance Service at 50th Reunion.

We will honor departed members of the Class of 1970 at a Remembrance Service on Sunday morning, June 14, 2020, during our 50th Reunion. The service will be led by led by our classmate Rev. Chris Bryan. We hope you will plan to attend.

David, at the age of 39, passed away in San Francisco where he was self-employed, working in construction and restoration.  He was born in Scarsdale, NY on August 16, 1947.  He graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH.  He attended Williams from 1966-1968, after which he went to the University of Texas for two years.  At the time of death, David was survived by his parents, one sister, and a brother.  (William College archives)