Who’s Attending the 50th Reunion, June 11-14, 2020?

By end of November, approximately 130 have committed for the 50th!

And one hundred of you (100) have sent in photos!  See below. Thank you, thank you.  Your WebMaster, Ray Kimball

There are three (3) ways to see who’s attending:

New through August 31, 2019:  John Hitchins


50th Reunion With Pictures! Back to Top ( If you don’t see your picture below, please send a recent picture to, or contact, Ray Kimball at [email protected]. If we’ve missed you and you plan to attend, please email Don Berens) Links are to Classmate Profile Pages and House pages
John Bare
Classmate 6
Bill Carney
Doug Curtiss
Dan James
Classmate 6
Classmate 3
Craig Smith Portrait

Craig Smith         Gladden


Steve Taylor

Classmate 3
Classmate 5
Classmate 6
Who’s Attending Reunion? Alphabetical list Back to Top
A – Kit ArmstrongKevin Austin
B – Chip Baker, John Bare, Tom Barr, Pat Bassett, Bob Bearman, Gary Bensen, Don Berens, Liz Berens, John Black, Dave Blackford, Matt Bowman, Alexandra Breed, Chris Bryan, Lou Buck, John Burns
C – Bruce Camp, Bob Campbell, Bill Carney, Jerry Christensen, Dick Cooch, John Cornwall, Kelly Corr, Tom Crowley, Doug Curtiss

D – Kim Dawson, Jim Deutsch, Gibb Drury,
E – Fred Eames, Walter Earle, Charlie Ebinger
F – Vais Favrot, Rick Foster, Nathan Fox, Deitz Fry
G – Phil Geier, Andy Gero, Dick Ginman, Reed Gramse, Randy Greason, Phil Greenland, Bob Groban
H – Bill Hamilton, Alex Hansen, Hill Hastings, Gates Hawn, Carolyn Hendrie , Rob Hershey, Jim Hewitt, John Hitchins, Bob Hixon, Rick Hole. Larry Hollar, Tom Hudspeth,
I – J –  Dan James, Tom Jamison
K –   Bob Katt, Kim Kelton, Ray Kimball, Alexandra Kimberly-Bryant (Plip), Jim Kirkland, Whit Knapp, Charlie Knox, Neil Kramer,   Jeff Krull, Kurli Kurlinski
L – Bob LeeHarvey Levin, John Love

M –  Russ MacDonnell, Jack Maitland, John Margraf, Ted May, Ken McCurdy, McCurdy, Joe, Jay McKenna, Rod McLeod, Jay McKenna, Mark Messing, Tom Michaels, Paul Miller, Bob Miller, Halley Moriyama, Jack Murray
N – Tim Napier, Jay Nelson, Brook Newcomb, Dave Norris
O –  Bob O’Connell, Peter Ogilvie, Lee Owen
P –  Bob Pasco, Bran Potter
Q R –  Andy Rahl, Sully Read, Suzanne Reed, Fred Rhame, Cliff Robinson, Bill Romaine, Jim Rubenstein
S –  George Sawaya, Charlie Sawyer, Peter Schulman, Joe Sensenbrenner, Joel Sklar, Jim Slade, Craig Smith, Dick SpiegelmanSluggo Stearns, Gerry Stoltz, Rob Stone, Kevin Sulllivan, Tom Sweeney
T –  Roger Taft, Peter Thorp, Rod Titcomb, Dick Travers, Al Twaits
U V –  Dick Vosburg
W – Bill WadtBob Ware, Larry Wellington, Giffy Whitbeck, Chris Williamson, Jennifer Wolcott
Exchange Women – Kit Armstrong, Liz Berens, Alexandra Breed, Carolyn Hendrie , Alexandra Kimberly-Bryant (Plip), Suzanne Reed
House Attending Classmates Sorted by House: See these House links: Back to Top Bascom  Berkshire  Brooks  Bryant  Carter  Fort Daniels  Garfield Gladden  Hopkins  Perry  Prospect Spencer  Tyler  Wood Exchange Students Back to Top