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            As many of you know by now, Mark Cummins passed on Oct. 31, 2018, in the arms of his wife, Susan Hun Cummins, at their home in Saint Bruno-de Montarville, a suburb of Quebec City, Canada. After graduating from Williams with a degree in psychology, Mark obtained his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and went on to teach at McGill University. You can read Mark’s published obituary at: http://bit.ly/MarkCummins.

            By the time you read this, we’ll be only a couple of weeks away from our class sojourn to Oxford University. Among those who were signed up in January were: Patience White and Alexandra Breed and their spouses. Patience and Alexandra were among the first participants in the Vassar/Williams exchange program. John Burns and wife Usha will be attending, as will Barbara and Fred Eames andmany more. Richard Wendorf decided to get a head start on the rest of us and, as of January 2019, is happily ensconced at Exeter College in Oxford for the winter planning for our arrival there in June and the side excursion to Bath, where he’ll be arranging a tour for us of the American Museum.

            John Burns also reports that he and wife Usha are planning to attend our 50th reunion. Their news: “Our son, Josh Burns ’02, and his family of five have moved in with us in our lower unit (we have a two-unit townhouse in SF). Having bought a new house in the suburbs that needed remodeling, they needed temporary housing, which we were happy to accommodate. Things are a bit crowded with all the bodies, but we are enjoying all the activity with our three grandchildren.” Others indicating that they will be at the 50th: John Black and his wife Linda, Don Berens and wife Maureen. Fred Eames also will be attending. He has been working with Don Berens and others, trying to round up classmates (for Fred, especially from Prospect House), to attend as well. Fred is nearly retired, continuing to do neuroradiology five to six days per month and sees Don frequently in their Mendelssohn Club men’s chorus. In January, Fred had a nice visit and dinner with Judy and Paul Willis ’71 in Williamstown, and more recently, hiked up the Mount Prospect trail in Williamstown for a splendid view of the campus.

            John Boyd wrote from Anchorage, “After almost 45 years of practice hanging up my stethoscope and calling it quits in September.”

            Gerry Stolz writes, “Helen andHalley Moriyama, along with their dog Sam, visited us in Savannah on their way down to Vero Beach. In addition, the team of Debbie and Ted May and Carri and Gerry Stolz recently won the husband-wife member-guest tournament at the Mays’ club in Palm Coast, Fla. I regularly see Dick Lamb and Paul Lieberman (both Class of ’71) because we all live at the Landings on Skidaway Island, Ga.” Bob Lee has had conversations on a variety of topics with Bill Wadt, Tom Sweeney and Bob Groban. He described them thus: “The ostensible topic in each case was the 50th, but my discussion with Bill veered off onto the charms of Santa Fe, the one with Tom drifted into politics, and the one with Bob wandered off into the vagaries of immigration law.”

            Bran Potter sent this personal reminder about the toll nearly five decades can take on our physical prowess: “As I was finishing my first mile in the Williams cross country team’s ‘Aluminum Bowl’ race in October, the undergraduate leaders were finishing their second. Grateful to still be moving and to see my former teammate, Pete Farwell ’73, as a venerable and much-loved coach. I’m back to teaching geology after a fall sabbatical.” It’s clear that Bill Lawson spends more time on the water than on land. He writes: “We had a wonderful summer at our lake house on Lake Charlevoix in northern Michigan. In November for my 70th birthday and our 40th wedding anniversary, we splurged for eight nights at the St. Regis in Manhattan. We saw seven plays—Harry Potter parts one and two, Come from Away, The Band’s Visit, American Son, Frozen and Dear Evan Hansen. Our favorites were Come from Away and the Potters. Excellent restaurants were Peasant in lower Manhattan and Estatorio Milos in midtown. We toured the 9/11 memorial, which is a must visit. We just returned from a two-week winter stay in Charlevoix and will soon be off to St. Barthelemy for two weeks. Then off to Longboat Key for 10 days in March and Southern California in April. We recently said goodbye to our dog Sammy, a Boykin spaniel, that was with us for over 15 years. A sad time for us. We wish all our our Purple Cow friends a healthy and happy 2019!”

            Dick Ginman, submitting perhaps for the first time ever, sent little information about himself but sent a picture of his 2-year-old granddaughter and the details of her Williams lineage: “I can’t remember the last time I sent something for the class notes, perhaps never, but couldn’t resist sending the attached picture of my granddaughter, Taylor Reager Ginman, riding a purple cow on her second birthday. She’s the daughter of Alex Ginman ’07 and Ellen (Wilk) Ginman ’07,the granddaughter of Art Wilk ’77 and me, and the great-great-granddaughter of Richard Taylor, Class of 1914. Both Art and I, along with our wives, were in Boston for the celebration.”

            Ray Kimball took time out from his January vacation and celebration of his birthday in Kauai, Hawaii, to write (complete with Emoji wearing sunglasses): “Had lunch with Paul Miller, Charlie Ebinger and Sheila Mason of the Williams Alumni Fund, in DC in December. Other than that, have a lot of post-holiday web stuff to catch up on when I get back. Really wish more folks who’ve committed to reunion would send me recent pics so we know what you look like now. Send to me or you can upload to your profile page at https://williams1970.com/. I’m going to look for an app that will take the 1970 Gul pic of those committed to the 50th reunion who haven’t sent me pics, and project what we think they look like now. Then when they send me a pic we can sub the real thing for the projection and compare. Should be fun!” Jeff Krull reported: “We have been making regular visits to Florida to see our son and his family. The grandkids are, of course, growing up awfully fast. Whenever we’re down there we try to connect with Shirley and Jack Maitland and Jenny and Lee Owen. Janelle and Sluggo Stearns are on the gulf side, so we don’t see them as much down there. I’ve been working with Mark Messing and Pat Bassett on our 50th reunion book. We will be asking classmates to submit bios, as we did for the 25th reunion book. So start thinking about what you want to say about your life in 250 words or less!

            Jim Deutsch, whose name hasn’t graced these notes in a while, wrote: “I’m continuing to work as a curator for the Smithsonian’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage—even through the recent federal government shutdown, because I am not a federal employee, and our offices are not in a federal facility. One of my colleagues, Logan Clark, who is the executive assistant at Smithsonian Folkways Recordings and an ethnomusicologist with a PhD from UCLA, was giving her parents a tour of our offices several months ago. As they were walking past my door, her father saw my name outside and said, ‘Hey, I went to college with this guy.’ Sure enough, Logan’s parents are Ron Clark and Lane Hammond ’71. A very nice coincidence.”

            Finally, in late January, Chris Williamson, Bob Bearman, Tom Michaels and I (Rick Foster) got together for Saturday afternoon drinks in Denver at the Arts Hotel, where Jim was staying for a Williams Alumni Fund event in Denver. Befitting our age, health-mindedness and regrets over college excesses, each of us ordered and consumed a full glass of ice water, nothing more! A good time was had by all.